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Painted Stripes Only On Top????

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So I have the painted stripe option on my 2012 GT 350, and the upper/center stripes are painted on. But the side panel stripes and lettering are the stick on variety. Can someone please tell me if this is how the "painted on stripes" come? Is this customary or did I get a half job on my painted on stripes?

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There is a clear edge that I can feel with my finger, just a little above the top strip of the rocker panel, and again just a little below the lower white striping of the rocker panel as well. It runs the entire length of the rocker panel. It looks and feels different than the stripe on top, which is clearly painted on. I could take it to my local garage for their opinion, but what I am seeing is painted on stripes on top, and vinyl stripes on the rocker panel.

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I believe they are painted on stripes, but Shelby only clears over the rocker stripes not the entire with quarter panel, fender and doors, with a ridge just above the stripe. There generally is not a bottom ridge which you describe (clear goes all the way down) so I don't know. Maybe it's a Hybrid. LOL.

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