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Letting Go Of #16 To Make Room For A 2014

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It's been a long winter as most of you know. With my Shelby under its cover and inside of the bubble, I decided to buy a 2014. I'm not sure if I could have gone through with it if it was the summer. Seeing it in the garage and driving it. But I did. The part that surprises me most is how much my wife and kids are attached to it. They are very sad to see the 2011 go. I haven't received my 2014 yet. It's coming in from WI and I live in MA. Maybe that will lift our heavy hearts. I'm banking on it. I hope I don't regret this decision. Like everything else time will tell. But, what's great is all those anxious and exciting expectations all of us, who ordered the 2011s, had and the waiting game for Ford to release them in May 2010 are back. I'm excited and giddy like a kid on Christmas eve. Crazy isn't it Trying to sell it on ebay; we'll see if it does. If you are curious here is the link to the auction. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Cobra-SVT-2011-shelby-gt-500-ford-convertible-mustang-signed-by-carroll-shelby-16-of-/181343122383?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2a38e473cf&item=181343122383&pt=US_Cars_Trucks


Here are a couple of pictures of my outgoing and ingoing Shelbys



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Good luck. Actually, of the two, I find the 2011 to be the MUCH better of the two to own as a Convetible. Much of the additional top speed goes wasted and the MUCH heavier clutch and taller gearing make it much more work to drive than an 11-12, especially for the kind of driving most own a Convertible to do. As much as I love the 13-14 Coupe, I'd snatch up an 11-12 Convertible instead in a heartbeat. Such is why the traditional 3:1 ratio dropped so precipitously to 6-7:1 for Trinity powered cars.


I found this to be so much the case that, after assembling a matching pair of 2013s in Coupe and Convertible form, I'm selling the Convertible on favor of a '14 Coupe even before titling the vehicle which has been in storage with just 40 miles on the clock.


I tried to offer it for sale though here, but after requesting inquiries be made discretely through PM to discuss terms, Captain Snap-On and a handful of other tools came out of the woodwork to bloviate how I must've wanted a premium above SRP and all manner of nonsense they couldn't have possibly known because they apparently couldn't live with not being involved with something to which they weren't relevant - until I decided it wasn't worth the bother and took down the thread here.


It was a real shame for someone like you who may have wanted an affordable 5.8 since I ultimately sold it through another venue for far less than invoice yet far above what a dealer would've offered in trade which yielded a winning outcome for all. Oh well. Weenies sometimes abound even where you'd least hope to find them.


There's certainly very little NOT to like about the 13-14 Convertible, but you'll likely find the tall gearing and heavy clutch very different indeed despite the additional torque - though there's certainly much to be said for owning the model in its final and most powerful form if you're going to have one. I'm sure you haven't made your choice lightly and I don't know anything about your 11. But I'd urge you to re-think, depending upon how far you've gone down any one-way streets, before committing your hard-earned in this particular way.


I bought my 13 Convertible as a mate to a 13 Coupe I already owned when I thought they'd be the only two such cars I'd have and a matched pair seemed like fun to own - especially since I received good value for the 12 Coupe I traded to get it. I'm certainly not soured on Convertibles altogether, especially if I needed one car to tick as many boxes as possible. But if I were to re-add a GT500 ragtop, I'd definitely look toward 11-12 cars first, not just because they're cheaper, but because I think it'd make the better convertivle to own. Besides, there's very little in the way of additional horsepower and torque that's not just a Whipple or Kenne Bell away, and you could easily add the CF shaft and 15" brakes for a relative song. In fact, given the Glass Roof, I surely wouldn't also mind an 11-12 Coupe again for times when I want oomph but not necessarily to work so hard while driving to get it.


For me, with the options available, the car I'd most likely seek-out all over again as a Convertivle would be a GT Automatic with all the creature comforts and a Ford Racing blower to take it all the way to 624 without needing to lift my foot off the gas or my hand from my wife's thigh.


I'm not trying to diminish your enjoyment one iota and hope you love the outcome no matter what you choose. After traveling down a related path, I only hope you've made the best-informed decision as, at least in this case, "more" isn't necessarily "better", unless owning a Trinity motor to keep and the final year of the current GT500 were among your top priorities.


Good luck and congratulations.

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Good luck with the sale. I recently trade my '12 coupe on a '14 coupe....NO REGRETS! Looks like you've have to change your user name also ;)

The Coupe is a different proposition entirely, and much more of a straightforward "trading up" or "forward" than the Convertible because of their differences, more of which become trade-offs for the ragtop, at least IMO.


I'd never try to summarily dissuade anyone. But I'd encourage them to consider the trade much more purposefully to ensure they don't inadvertently shortchange themselves. I'd almost always prefer to drive a 13-14 Coupe to an 11-12. Among Convertibles, I'd choose the opposite almost to the same degree. Of course, YMMV.



Now that right there is funny, don't care who you are........



Damn. I always seem to come off funny when meaning to be serious - and vice versa. :)

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Yes I'm excited about getting the final year of the GT500, but you hit on exactly what I have been nervous about all along the gearing, transmission and clutch. I already bought, but have yet taken delivery of my 2014. Maybe I should wait on selling my 2011. Hmmm more things to think about. Thanks

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