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Hso-Houston Shelby Outlaws


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New meaning for HSO.... fits perfectly!
Time to plan our spring drive. Plan is to stay in Fredericksburg. Then drive the Three Twisted Sisters loop. That is known as 335, 336, 337. Hotel will probably be Holiday Day Inn Express. Will set up group rate when we pick a date. Will set up rate for Fri and Sat or just the Sat. If you do not plan to stay Fri and just want to meet for the drive Sat morning, we can set a meet point in Medina.

Throw some dates at me. Want to do this before it gets hot! We cannot accommodate the date for everyone, so I apologize in advance if the date doesn't work for you.

Let's get it rolling!


Planned Route:



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Stay tuned for details!!! Save the dates...May 31st-June 1st....

Finalizing details now. Fredericksburg will not be the start point. Bandera will be home base for lodging. Makes our drive on Sat a little shorter too!!!
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