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See Through Tires - Tires Of The Future?


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Is this for real? What will they look like on a Shelby?


Made in South Carolina, USA - "SEE THROUGH" TIRES !

Radical new tires design by Michelin, the next generation of tires. Recently released at the Philadelphia car show.


Those are spokes like connections to the inner part of the tire from the outside tread 'wrap'! Next picture shows what they look like in motion...




These tires are airless. They are scheduled to be on the market soon. Bad news for law enforcement as spike strips will not work on these.

Think of the impact on existing technology:
A. No more air valves
B. No more air compressors
C. No more flat tires
D. No more puncture repairs
E. No more jacks or spares required.

These are actual pictures taken in the South Carolina plant of Michelin.

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Cleaning them for a car show is going to be a PITA.




Especially for a guy like me who is a driver, not a detailer...


Kind of old material. It's been 3 or 4 years since I first saw it and so far, it's just an article on the net...


Yes, I recall that as well.

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Discussion about the Tweel has been around for several years. It is successfully in use in some construction equipment applications where frequent flats impact productivity. Unfortunately, Michelin engineers have struggled with vibration, noise and heat issues at speeds over 50mph. OK for a Prius maybe, but don't look for it on a Shelby (or any other performance vehicle) any time soon...



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Ya beat me to it Naja…. This is not new technology. Go to any junkyard and take a look at the forklifts. They are all running similar tires. Same with demolition crews and a lot of construction companies in the building trades as well as highway construction convert their skid steers over to these tires or at least ones similar in concept.

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