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Removing Fiberglass Scoop From Hood?

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Over a year ago, I had to replace the original warped scoop with the newer fiberglass one. The upscale, high dollar place here in Atlanta that primarily repairs exotics and other high performance vehicles, Performance Auto Collision, replaced the scoop for me. Now I am working with a dealer ship to have my stripes painted on my 07 Shelby GT and just learned that they cannot get the scoop separated from the hood because the body shop used urethane adhesive to attaché it in addition the the 2 bolts. Geniuses!!!


Does anyone know anyway to get the scoop and hood separated? I know they cannot remove the old vinyl stripe on the hood and paint the new stripe with the scoop in place so am I screwed here? Really pissed and needs solution... is there a solution? All advice is appreciated.

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