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Your Chance To Be Famous, And Win Stuff Too!


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Next month is the big event, the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. Lots of you will be headed to either Charlotte or Las Vegas and we want to help memorialize the event with a professional produced video! Lots of you already own GoPro’s or other video cameras, and here's a chance to win a brand new HERO 3+ Black Edition.

We'll be setting up an account (either email or DropBox) where you can send us your video to be included in the final production. The best clip will win a GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition and another random clip will also receive a second GoPro. Following the event, our production team will be compiling the footage and producing a commemorative video. The video will be available for download and also on CD (cd will have a minimal cost).

Watch for more information on when and where to send you footage and entering the contest. We'll be joining those headed for Las Vegas when you reach Albuquerque. We're hosting breakfast at our dealership on April 15th before we head out to Flagstaff and we're looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all your cars.




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