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Did Anyone Rent 07H079


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I am the current owner and was wondering if anyone rented my car. It was in service in Orlando, Florida from what I have been able to track down.I was lucky enough to find a rental receipt stuck behind the VIN plate between the dash and windshield. The car was rented on 12-15-2008 at 5:30pm. The car had Florida Tag # R224LM on it, I think. The receipt says the car is "OK TO SERVICE" and then has a code below it that says "MUD". I guess they would say the car is muddy to get it serviced. The car had 29,156 miles on at that time. it now has 41,000 on it.


I also found the original paper battery tag under the hood. It had been thrown beside the battery and was laying in a crevice there. It actually is in nice shape. I have crawled under my car a little in an effort to photograph the underside. I found several tags and paint marks that I am going to try and photograph in an effort to document the originality of the car. Has anyone else done this?








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