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Am I Missing Something On My Uca?


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I heard a bumping sound coming from the drivers side rear of my car. After backing my car onto some ramps I noticed my panhard bar bolt was quite loose. I threw some blue loctite on it and torqued it down to spec. I was then just checking the differences in this car compared to my 09' underneath the rear. A lot is the same, but there a lot of differences as well. Then I noticed my UCA where it connects the the car and it appears to be missing a bolt! There should be a bolt here, right?!



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There is a bolt there! It comes down from the top (under the rear seat) The UCM has the threaded portion - what you're seeing is the blind end portion of said bolt coming through the UCM . At least that's what I'm seeing here.

I meant a missing nut. I see what you are saying. It seems like on my 09' there were two different bolts coming through as opposed to the one bolt I the 13'. So the UCM serves as the nut I suppose?

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