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1987 Shelby Lancer For Sale


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Shelby Lancer #468 for sale. Automatic Transmission, leather interior. Original owner. Car currently running - but needs tune-up. Overall miles 306,545. Engine has approx. 113K, Rebuilt Transmission approx. 130 K. Tires less than 6 months old, original wheels. Windshield 1 year old. Radiator rebuilt. New rack and pinion. Other components new, used, or rebuilt. AC Compressor one year old - but may have leak in AC system. Great car for someone who has time to invest. Not recommended as primary vehicle until additional work is done. Interior in good shape. Ceiling lining needs replaced. Needs exterior paint job. 1988 LeBaron wiring harness available as original harness needs eventual replacement. Two items need repaired before inspection ready - driver's side door handle and reverse lights.


Great car for someone that has time to invest and fix it up. A current divorce precludes me having time to make that investment.


Location: Faulkner, Charles County, MD. Very close to U.S. Route 301 south of Waldorf, MD.


Price: $500 obo


Pictures available on request - couldn't get them uploaded to the site. Thanks.


email address: ccc1984helo@gmail.com. Please contact me if you are interested.

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