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Squeak In The Rear Please Help


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ok so I have a nasty squeak in the rear of my car. The squeak comes and goes but most of the time it's there.


If I take a right turn the noise goes away(loading the left side) and if I take a left turn the squeak gets worse (loading the right side). it's not a constant squeak but as if the brake was going bad, I have just replaced the rear brakes about a month ago so I know it's not that.


If i put my car on stands I can push and pull on the wheel and it has about 1/4 inch give in it (back left wheel) and the right side has very little to no give. I have ensured that the lugs are on evenly and to spec tight.


Please help me narrow this down so I can get rid of this annoying/embarrassing squeak.

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