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'64 Fia Nose Stripe Issue


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I also posted this question on the SAAC forum, maybe more info here:


I am trying to research what stripes go with what cars. I was over at the Club Cobra forum and found this reply:
"For the 1964 season they were all painted the Viking Blue team color and had a stripe across the nose and front fenders. CSX 2259 had a white stripe, CSX two two six zero had a yellow stripe, CSX 2301 had a maroon stripe, CSX 2323 had a bright reddish-orange stripe and CSX 2345 had a white stripe."

Except, when I look in my Shelby book that that Zman recommended (as well as saying it was an orange stripe) it shows a picture of the #12 Bondurant/Spencer car actually at Sebring (listed as CSX2301 in the race entry log for Sebring http://www.racingsportscars.com/photo/Sebring-1964-03-21.html ) it shows a reddish/orange stripe shown below, so anyone know which is correct?


One answer I got was that the lighting was really bad on this picture, and it really is a maroon stripe.


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Looks more oramge than maroon to me. Don't forgret those photos were taken in low light, and with film (digital was a Looooong way off at that time). The film was probably 'pushed processed' to get a better looking exposure, but the color may shift slightly due to nature if the photo process.


I any case, I like the orange stripe against the Viking blue, more than I would a maroon stripe.



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