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Adios to all I have met here and at the bashes and get togethers. Also adios to any one left when it was the shelby forum before Team Shelby. I had fun still love the Shelby's and wish you all fun and good times with your cars...


My stripe fix:



And yes the stripe fix is a good natured joke. Sort of.


Also to that one guy on this forum (you know who you are) I think you are a total control freak petty jerk who needs a life.


To the rest of you all;



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There is no doubt that a Corvette is the best performance car "bang for your buck". For that reason, people tend to drive them instead of treating them as garage queens. The new C7 is the first time a Corvette has even crept into my mind for years (since the 63 split window). I really like the look.

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Its over the top amazing, I dig it.


I spent some seat time in a 63 Coupe, the new one, like the SGT, feels like a modern version of what came before.


I still foresee another SGT at some point…just not enough room right now.




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There is no doubt that a Corvette is the best performance car "bang for your buck". For that reason, people tend to drive them instead of treating them as garage queens. The new C7 is the first time a Corvette has even crept into my mind for years (since the 63 split window). I really like the look.



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Hey Randy,


Sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your many posts over the years. I did cross over to the dark side myself and buy a new Chev Tahoe 4X4 in August of last year. I enjoy driving it as much as my Shelby.


Take care my friend and stay in touch......... Watch out for them "lawmen" in that vette. It has stop me written all over it. :):)


Regards....... GG

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Take care Randy! You don't have to stay away! We are still here, even a few of us Stangsunleashed guys...


I sure hope Im not the one guy....lol


Like Chad, I want a ride next time in Seattle!


One question- why not wait for the Z06? Its gotta be damn near a supercar with the base C7 such a performer? Like a few others, this is the first Vette Ive had a chubby for since the last stingray. I can't wait to see what a couple years of fine tuning does for it!

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You guys know the man himself drove both a Maserati and a TOYOTA, right? Then there was Dodge…;)


Yeah Chad, you know I will post a time slip when I get one. Full throttle no lift shifts from factory, should be fun!


Also Warren I ordered car before ZO6 announced, but also after driving this one, no worries and then there is the Vengence racing 1000hp kit, stock bottom end.


We live in great times to be a gear head thats for sure!


There is no one guy, you guys, it was a joke, I had over 5,000 posts here, I am the one who needs a life LOL, see we are all that one guy to ourselves, funny thing is how we all think we are that one guy to someone else…I do it too.


Anyone coming to Seattle who knows how to get ahold of me is always welcome in my house…Cheers!

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Congrats!!!! Love the Vette, I have been looking at them too. If you could give a comparison after some miles that would be great.


Also just curious how did you end up selling the GT/SC? I hope you got what you were looking for, it was a sweet ride.


Happy Driving!!!!

edit to add: Thanks for the Congrats!! ;)


I sold the car through eBay. It went to a buyer in Baltimore. Not sure if he goes on forum at all.


No response from forum ad here. Or local ads for weeks. Local special interest dealer in Seattle offered me 27 when I was thinking of trading in (sales tax credit on trade in's in WA State and our tax rate is about 10%) for a 67 425hp Vette but that was probably accounted for in price of 67. Another dealer offered me 21 for 10k over msrp on 14 Vette, that was comical. Park Place(special interest dealer in Seattle area) offered me 21 outright or consign and pay selling fees with them.


Would have preferred to sell to a TS member for sure!


I sold it for 27,600. I would have liked 30k min but is what it is. Hopefully new guy loves it, like I did.

Car also had some warranty paintwork on hood and trunk, and stripes were toast. If it was me buying a used SGT, I would consider that in my offering price, I did consider that in my selling price. I am keeping an extra glass scoop I have just in case… ;) I also kept my SGT book and Signed print.


I am sure that if I had wanted to wait until spring/summer it could have brought more or if I wanted to replace and/or paint the stripes I would have seen more. I did 2 eBay auctions both fell short on reserve which was 28, and the gentleman who bought it sent me several emails about car, so I sold it buy it now for the price above to him. I think it was a good deal for him. I did have a local buyer interested at 30k (but no hard showing of the ability or money to purchase) but had already offered car to guy in Baltimore at that point. So it was his.


Also Chad, you never sell anything, LOL.


For me the opportunity cost of keeping it another 6 or more months, paying to store it or having it eat up my limited shop space was too great. Space is tight, Ihave a blown BB 56 Gasser project that is finally seeing some time spent on it (going on rotisserie next week I hope), a 66 Commando V-8 Barracuda project, and a Shovelhead digger project in there now). In addition to some other vehicles that I store, exercise and maintain.


So reapplying a new set of Stripes or painting new ones on (for the record, 2nd set spotted/stained as bad as originals) and otherwise monkeying around with my SGT was not worth my time and energy.


Then my Vette actually arrived about 4 mos sooner than anticipated. I had some factory constrained options on car, it was ordered MSRP through Coughlin's Rick Conti, a big dealer in OH and he was quicker than expected. Car was delivered at Corvette Museum and it was great experience!


Comparing the 2 cars is an interesting idea, so far I am still in break in miles, but the TQ of the Vette is almost as great as my S/C'd 4.6 number wise on paper.


And it feels like it just short shifting.


They are apples and bananas really though, I also have a 996 Cab that is my beater (dog goes in back, lol), so I can also compare to that too once car is broke in.


Initial response to Vette is wow, woah, totally cool, nutty engineering and totally solid, ultra balanced feeling, fits like a tailored suit not a car, the interior is very, very nice and like the Shelby GT it feels like the original in a good way designwise, yet totally different.


Last Vette I drove around recently was a 63 FI Coupe. The feeling is still totally Corvette. In the good ways.


Also the difference is that the Vette is purpose built to be nothing other than a Vette. And it is very apparent.


The way that I used the SGT, I will use the Vette. Obviously I do not track day the 996 as its a Cab, but I like convertibles a lot but not so much the no track without a roll bar part. So I especially appreciate the Vette's targa top. Still ok on track days and yet fun in the sun!


I will post more detailed comparison once I can bury the pedal a few times.


There is however, zero regret about the Vette, it is truly more than I imagined even after reading all the articles how great it is. And I am a super nit picky life long car geek. It really is that great so far!! The car is one of those that in person looks way better than in pictures. I ordered mine without seeing one in person. And then saw one locally before mine was built. It draws crowds with cell phone cameras, but then so did the SGT. The color combo I ordered I dig, as its kinda stealthy. I have driven many different types of cars including several exotics vintage and modern and have owned at least 50 cars in the past mostly old ones. This Vette is without question the most remarkable, and the tech on it is over the top cool. But it should be it is a purpose built all new flagship design.


Still have not seen another one on street yet, being the first guy on the block is cool too.


In addition the anxiety of driving a very rare car (my SGT SC) is not there with the Vette and the door ding OCD obsession I have is almost gone as composite panels don't ding LOL.


In short if I had a warehouse for cars, and someone to keep them nice, the SGT/SC would be in it. As I could not see making it into a dog friendly beater, my 996 stayed in the garage instead.


So far so good…. :)

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