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2011 Key Question......


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Make no mistake, I am very happy that the keys for the Shelby are the one piece key, as opposed to the key and fob being separate, as is the case with the 05 and the Bullitt......


That said, is it just me, or, does anyone else find the panic button on the remote to be overly sensitive?? There has to be at least three to five times a week that I accidentally set off the panic alarm when reaching for something in my pocket.....


I am thinking about going with one of these replacements. One has the recessed buttons as the separate key and fob did. One has the panic button on the side.....






Both are flip keys, which HAVE to be easier on the pocket as well....Anyone have experience with these replacement keys??





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From what I understand most aftermarket keys don't actually support the 2010+ GT500 fully due to the specific security and MyKey programming on the newer models. At least one (similar to the first one you linked) that I tried did NOT work, despite specifying "all trims" on its compatibility list too.


If you find one that works though, I'm definitely interested!


-- Les

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