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I'm currently shoping for a used Shelby and never have had a chance to sit in one. My question is on the seats, do the Recaros or the standard seats have a height adjustment ? Some of the seats I see just have two " levers" on the side. Then others have a small switch, I assume thats the power seats. Sorry for the noob question, but gotta start somewhere :) .

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The standard (driver only) seats have power height adjustment....at least on the 2011 model that I have.


2010 too.






Tilt Fr./Rr.


A lever to recline forward/backward and a button for lumbar support in/out.




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Ok , side the side lever inches it up and down?


Yes. Pump the lever UP and it 'inches' the seat upwards. Pump it DOWN and it 'inches' the seat downward.


Pull up on a bar across the front to slide it forward/rearward with another lever on the side to recline it..





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