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Well Took It Out And Beat On It , Warmer Temps Much Better


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Been driving it here in Florida for a month,but weather has been really crappy for here at least,around 55 to 60 at best,and these factory goodyears are a joke at those temps,but today 77 degrees whole different animal still spins but very controlable,first gear spun pretty decent but second a lot better just went playin around with it on some clear back roads,had it to 130 mph several times in 4th gear,car don't have the power at 77 degrees it has at 50 degrees,but good years were a lot more controlable in the warmer temps,ran it up in every gear to about 62 to 6400 rpms,in the colder temps must respect the cars power,in warm temps just hold on she will pull her self out.

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I'm from WISCONSIN going home in March,when these tires are wore out,I'm gonna go to the Michelin as3 all season,PROBALLY stock sizes if I can get them,I do think on warm days there's a lot of heat soak in this engine though.but that's the same for all engines the same in all motors,I'm sure that's why u see them cooling down at the strip all the time.i think a superchargedI engine maybe even more??

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