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Ceramic Front Brake Pads For 2013-14 Shelby


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There pads are $210.00 for the fronts and $90.00 for the rearsanybody used disc italia hyper ceramic front brake pads fro

Has anybody used brake world ceramic front brake pads from http://www.brakeworld.com ?


There pads are $210.00 for the front and $90.00 for the rears

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Just ordered the CarboTech 1521 pads for front and rear. Ceramic blend with Kevlar.
They make fronts specific for the 15" rotor on the 13-14 MY cars so the pads cover the entire braking surface.
Also, they will paint the back of the pad that shows, I asked for black to match the Brembo color.
Mike Jr gave me 5% off, but $375 is still steep for all 4 wheels. Call and ask for him, 1-877-899-5024.

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