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Looking For Pictures Of The Interior Upgrade On White Sgt

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Gary does, but it would be nice to see more. I have thought about getting them for years, probably should have pulled the trigger a few years back because the price has gone up significantly.


What I have found is the installer makes a HUGE difference on how good they come out.


I still plan to get them, just not sure when.



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Here are some of my interior grey (dove) and snow white inserts, silver stiching. I got them done in 2009. Install was "okay", a few wrinkles, but I'm not as picky as some. Gary Disney was great to work with. I like them but the inserts are a bitch to keep clean and you can't wear denim blue jeans or the blue denim color bleeds on the white.







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I have black interior and I am very concerned about the white inserts. I wear blue jeans 50% of the time so I dont think the white would work. What about silver inserts? Anyone have pictures of silver inserts with black seats? Maybe grey???

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My Interior upgrade on a blue SGT (I don't really think it matters much). Gray Alcantara inserts, armrest and dirty floor mats.


I love this interior and the Alcantara is a great material








That looks Sweet!!!


Where did you get the Shelby GT/SC mats? I don't recall seeing those?

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Hoping this link gets you to my pictures from near when the option was first offered. I am still happy with the worke my installer did and the results Gary Disney came up with.




I was lucky when package was introduced.



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