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How to get the SS pkg

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How does the SS upgrade work? I hear there is a list. How do you get on the list and who is the point of contact?


What is going to be the cost of the 07 GT500 SS upgrade.


What will be the turn around time?


anything else that you can add Amy or others is appreciated.



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Welcome, jumpincactus!!!

We have a whole forum dedicated to just the Supersnake:




Right now, the thread on "How to get on the list" is about 12 down...This has contacts for the list...

Also, read the "sticky" threads as they will answer alot of your questions.


With regards to cost: not set yet. Guesses run from high teens all the way to $30k, but there is no official word as of yet.

Guestimates for the conversion are about a week, once the car is in the shop for the mods. Hope this helps. Now, you've got ALOT of reading to do!!! ;)



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