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Team Shelby Bash 2014 Details At Last

supersnake junkie

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Yeah aaa! The basic details are now out on the TS 2014 Bash are now out on the TS Events forum! Everyone planning to attend can now get even more excited!!!!

I have already put a post on there to see if anyone from the Phoenix area is planning to attend and will go to Palm Springs for the start. I am planning to drive my car from Apache Junction to Palm Springs on the Sunday (13th) and wanted to see if there was any TS members would like to meet for a cruise together to Palm Springs. It would be cool to do a pre-cruise Cruise to the Bash starting point! Let me know!!!

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Folks, let's direct all conversation to: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/83872-2014-team-shelby-vegas-bash/


Multiple threads will only confuse, in my experience.






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