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Gt350 Auction

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Just saw Live today at the Mecum auction a 2011 Shelby GT350 get up to $80,000 bid before it left the stage and that is very good for a 4 year old car. I don't know the mileage but it was fully loaded supercharger upgraded brakes but keep in mind it is 4 years old so that almost makes me want to say my 2013 GT350 Conv. w/ only 186 miles is For Sale if anyone wants to give me big money... lol


Good for everyone though but still concerned once FORD produces the GT350 will it bring our values down?


That is my only regret is wish I would have done the 2011 instead of the 2013

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That selling price is a lot higher than its original price from only a couple of years ago for a 525 HP. That certainly keeps it in the collector car value market, not a high depreciation model like many other recent production vehicles.

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Some details about this car:


- Out of 159 built, 74 were built with 525 HP
- This is 1 of 30 with polished supercharger
- Painted stripes
- CSM#161
- 2,000 miles
- Custom upgrade interior Red, White, Blue
- Upgraded cooling system and upgrade 6 pistons brakes in rear
- Personally signed by Carroll Shelby
- Museum delivery including bag, jacket, hat and t-shirt
- 6-speed transmission
- 3.73 gears

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I think that is a great price for it, considering it is three years old. And agree with 66GT, that is most likely above its' original sticker (if some high ADMs weren't involved). Very few cars sell above sticker after 3 years, the Ford GT is of course an exception…... :)

I agree $90k is great and in reality its 4 years old...


the big question is when Ford does the GT350 will that bring our values down?

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From some numbers that I had on hand


Base Vehicle (2011 Mustang GT ) MSRP: $30,495

Package Price (GT350) 33,995

Shelby Options

Rear 6 Piston Brakes 3,995

Painted Stripes 4,499

Upgrade cooling 2,995

total 75,979


Plus museum delivery and possible dealer markup, registration and taxes, etc.




Still a great deal on a "used" car! Try look at numbers on three year old Shelby GT500, Corvette or similar muscle sport car. As Shelby and the factory has said, they would be limited production to try to ensure future value. It seems to be working.

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