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Info On 2007 Shelby Gt/sc Csm #3929


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Hey everybody, I am looking to find any kind of information and/or the whereabouts of 2007 Shelby GT/SC #3929. I am the original owner of the car and sold it around August 2009 in Dallas, Texas. The car had the SC package done at Shelby in Las Vegas before I took delivery of the car. It had the polished Paxton blower, triple gauge pod, 20" black Shelby Razors, Baer brakes, and front fascia with both driving lights and brake ducts. I sold the car and bought a 2007 GT500. I moved across the country to the northeast the next day and haven't heard a thing about the Shelby GT/SC since. The GT500 has made more sense for me and my goals of making power and drag racing. However, the Shelby GT/SC was a great car and more than anything holds sentimental value to me. I am not necessarily looking to purchase the car but would really like to know where it went, who owns her these days, and how she's doing! Any information would be greatly appreciated. It has always been my biggest fear that the car would end up wrecked or something equally heart breaking. I would like to keep some kind of tabs on the car if possible and maybe even get in touch with the owner. Not sure if this information would help but when I sold her she was on drag radials out back (on the Razors), had a shorty antenna, dark 5% (limo) window tint, and a loud mid-pipe connected to the FRPP mufflers/axle backs. Thanks!


-Here is the only picture I have on this computer but I do have many more.


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