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Sgt Rev Limiter ?

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The weather was beautiful here yesterday and I finally had a chance to drive my newly acquired 07 SGT.

I must say that the car is really amazing. I have no complaints but I do have a stupid question.


I had put her thru her paces and got into the throttle a bit.

Needless to say, she can spin those tires! I am very impressed with this stock small block motor.

I noticed I got into the redline on the tach and wondered if there's a Rev limiter in the car and if so, I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.


Thanks in advance......Philip

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yeah there is and yeah it works!! My thoughts are.... I'm glad it's there, running the 550 Whipple means you get to the top of the RPM's quick specially in first and second, saved my arse more than once! Keep in mind tho it only works with the throttle..... in otherwords if you miss a shift and hit a lower gear or get carried away downshifting, you can over rev the engine.....

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Not being N/A, I like having my rev limiter turned off. I'd rather go over the red line a few hundred rpms than hit that thing. I would only have that happen at the track and when the motor is already high in the rpms hitting the limiter IMO - and it may not be accurate - is harder than that extra hundred revs.

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