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Ford Esp For Used Vehicles

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Hello, all!


Right before my 3-year/36,000-mile warranty ran out on my GT500 (original purchase date was 12/31/2006), I purchased a genuine Ford ESP extended warranty (PremiumCARE (highest coverage), 7 years, 100,000 miles, $200 deductible) for $1,095 from Lombard Ford (www.lombardfordwarrantys.com). While this didn't cover my transmission TSB (that was replaced during the original factory warranty), I had several other major problems, most recently an inability to fuel the vehicle that required 4 repairs and $2,800 in parts and labor...which cost me exactly $200. So it was well worth it, to me.


I received a call from Lombard Ford back in December informing me that they offered additional ESP coverage for used vehicles, and if the vehicle has an existing ESP warranty in place, they waive the inspection requirement and fee. So I went ahead and purchased another PremiumCARE extended warranty for 5 years, 48,000 miles, and $200 deductible for $1,470. It covers everything that my previous ESP covered - which is basically everything except wear items.


I've tried other dealers that have good online prices for warranties, but only Lombard Ford offers the Used ESP that I've found. So for those of you that haven't (heavily) modded their 2007 GT500s, and are looking to keep that peace of mind until 2018, look no further! :)

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It's really a Ford ESP, per the paperwork sent to me by Lombard Ford. Let me clarify - no other Ford dealer that I found sells the used ESP online...but they may offer them over the phone or in-person.


In fact, after I bought it I went to my dealer and asked them to look up my warranty info in their system - and it showed it good until 2018 and 98,XXX miles...so I'm good!

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