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Remote Tuning Shop Recommendations For A 13?


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I'm looking to get a tune for my 2013 and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a tuner based on first hand experience and why.


I could be wrong but I'm thinking John Lund or VMP would have the most experience so far with this model. Thanks in advance.

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Obviously having a local dyno session would be ideal, but I don't feel confident in any local shops here in Utah. I have never used John Lund but he appears to be everywhere and is apparently legendary.


I used Justin Starkey from VMP on my 2008 Shelby years ago. The tune was potent but I could never resolve a issue with a high idle coming to a stop (you'd pull up and it would hang at 1000rpm for 10 seconds then drop down to normal, annoying). He advised me on a couple changes to make myself with the sct tuner but they never really rectified the issue. I chose him based on all the articles in 5.0 magazine where he headed up the tunes, but he had a dyno present and could address issues in person.


Goals = safe a/f ratio while taking into account my mods, retain factory idle characteristics, and don't blow it up. Thanks for your input.

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I had no idea.


Not sure its really public information, but when I bought my GT350, it was the first one with a 624 tune, and the week I brought it home I started getting engine codes. I took it to a dealer, who called Shelby, who punted to Ford Racing. None of them could figure out what the problem was, but I had to pay the dealer over a grand to diagnose with no fix. Pissed off, I drove it down to the Texas Mile to see Jon who had flown in for the event. He had already been consulted by Ford Racing, and had it fixed in about 15 minutes armed with no garage, a few tools we scrounged together and his magical laptop.


There are many great tuners out there, but that experience was the last one I needed. He has tuned every vehicle I owned since. Even my RV.

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I have used both Lund and VMP tunes in my 2012. Side by side either is a good option. Power came on differently, in each, the Lund tune was/seemed more torqey in the mid range with a brutal power surge and the VMP tune seemed to be a bit more measured.


Each handle the throttle closure differently, from an engine brake perspective if you let of the gas with the Lund tune it snapped the plates closed and had more pop and burble than the VMP version. The vmp tune seemd to modulated the closure a bit. Never compared them on a dyno, but both worked well and were a considerable boost with a pulley.



2014 GT500

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