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Arp Front Wheel Studs

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What was the reason for the change?



Because Racecar.........and I had the front end kinda stripped down putting on new a-arms and wanted to go with the longer studs and open lug nuts.......will be doing the rear this weekend.....and I pretty much change anything I can.....at some point the car will be completely modded.

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Well front ARP 3" wheels studs lead to wanting rear ARP 3" rear studs..............oops Wilwood brakes ........ hole in Wilwood rear brake housing not large enough to get OEM stud out..... drill out ....pull axles......not sure what to do.....



hmmmmm still want ARP 3" wheel studs


Moser Axles

another set of new ARP studs (differentt knurl diameter than OEM)


KR difference cover (ARP bolts)

3.73 gears, oil install kit, etc...

Shelby Watts link


sh*t $2,000 wheel studs .........


install and photos to come in new thread sometime in April

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All you should need to do is pull the axles and press in the ARP studs and then reinstall the axles.

True but once I pull the axles I want to replace the cover so I can put on the watts link and everything snow balled


Never cheap or easy with me.

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