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19X9.5 Front With 18X10 Rear With Drag Radials - Would It Look Strange?


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I just ordered 19x9.5 SVE Drifts all the way around for my 2011 GT500 Convertibleicon1.png.

I currently have 255/40/19 Michelin Piloticon1.png A/S 3s in front and 285/35/19s in back for the winter.

I am going to put them on the SVE new wheels.

For having a little fun on nice days in the spring, summer, and fall I wanted to put Drag Radials out back on the weekends.

I will buy 2 more SVE Drifts to swap on and off.

MT makes a 305/35/19, I would love to put that on a 19x9.5 rim, but the recommended rim size is 10" minimum. If it were safe this would be my 1st choice.

My other choice is to buy Two 18x10s for the rear and mount either 285/40/18 or 305/40/18 Nitto 555R Drag Radials out back.
MT makes a 305/35/18, but it is a shorter diameter which will make my gearing even lower geared and have too much torque already.

Would the 18s look OK out back if the tire size was the same diameter.

For example...

a 285/35/19 and 285/40/18 are the same height, I would run the 285/40/18 out back with a 255/40/19 in the front, both 27" tall, the 305/40/18 (more sidewall) is 27.6" tall.

Opinions and advice please.
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