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Project Vapor Snake: How Much Power Will It Make?


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I just finished a long and very expensive portion of my 2008 GT500 build-up, Project Vapor Snake. It is going to the shop for dyno tunig this Thursday. Any guesses on how much power I should see at the wheels? Prior to these mods I was running the stock blower with a 2.59" upper, C&L 97mm MAF housing with a few other upgrades to the cooling system and was getting 540RWHP consistently with no heat soak issues. The recent mods are as follows:


RPS Billet Triple Carbon clutch (-20lbs over stock)

DSS Carbon Drive Shaft (-25lbs over stock)

Whipple 2.9L with 3.250" upper

Whipple Monoblade TB
Whipple Intake 123mm MAF

Kenne Bell Dual BAP

Shelby Fuel Rails

BPS Fuel Rail Install Kit

Injector Dynamics ID1000 Fuel Injectors

NGK TR7IX @ .028" gap

Meziere 55gpm IC pump

Ford Racing High Flow Intercooler

Canton Racing Battery Box IC Reservoir (1.75 gallons)

Shelby C&R Radiator

Ford Racing FR500C Cooling Fan

Dynatech 1&7/8" LT headers

Custom fab dual exit side exhaust, complete exhaust system coated in matte black ceramic coating

EGR Delete Kit

MGW Shift Kit

Ford Racing Front Bumper Bar with Tow Hook (-12lbs over stock)

Ford Racing Rear Tow Hook (welded to rear bumper)


Car also has a full BMR suspension and chassis build, 225lbs of weight redux, Eibach R2 Coil-overs and many other goodies. I built this car to be versatile so I could make easy suspension and tire changes to hit the drag strip for fun and run with almost anything or shred Corvettes and Bimmers at SCCA/NASA road course events. Attached before and after pics of the engine build/





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It will run 93 octane pump gas on the streets and higher octane race fuel at track events, but it will be tuned for 93. How much power is safe for the stock engine? My entire driveline can handle 1000HP. I think the next weakest link in the chain would be pistons and connecting rods. These cars have the CobraJet crankshaft which can support a little over 800HP safely, so I should be good there. My shop picked up the car today for dyno tuning. I should have the numbers later next week.

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