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Clutch Engagement- High Or Low ?


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I recently purchased a 10k mile 2008 GT500 that appears to have been very well cared for and has zero warranty repair history (from the local Ford dealership system). The car is in great shape.

After reading so much about the clutch issues in these cars I am a bit paranoid. The car has none of the conditions mentioned in the TSB nor does it slip. However, the only thing that concerns me is the fact that the full engagement occurs at almost the point where the clutch pedal is released (top of its travel)

It starts to grab (no shutter- its actually smooth) about 1/2 to 2/3rd off the floor and is fully engaged right before the pedal is fully released.

I have read that this is a sign of a worn clutch, but after thinking about how the throwout bearing system works- wouldn't the release of the clutch upon the initial push of the pedal be better than further down- shows the throwout bearing is not extending as far to release.

Anyone have any thoughts?



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