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Rotor And Pad Upgrade In Stock Form?

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DBA rotors, Hawk pads. Upgrade to SS brake lines and blue heavy duty brake fluid, venting fronts is always a good idea.. Stay away from drilled rotors as they tend to crack from drilled location to drilled location, at least that is what I have read and regularly heard around the track. They are apparently more for show.

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I was thinking about going with brembo brake upgrade but really don't wanna get new wheels to fit that application.

But I do wanna upgrade rotors and pads and retain original wheels.

Been looking at slotted and drilled rotors and confused about what to buy.

Any advice?


Thanks TS

Switched from Hawk to EBC yellow pads and won't go back. As others have said stay away from drilled rotors. Slotted is the way to go.

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I looked into the Baer rotors and pads and the DBA rotors. Both look great and thanks for the advice.


I think I'm gonna go with Baer Decela rotors and sport touring pads as suggested.

Hey, if Shelby American partnered with Baer brakes, that works for me.


You guys rock!

Merry Christmas Team Shelby


That's good to hear ,, :yahoo:,,,,002473-R1-12-11A.jpg .


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