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Losing Coolant!


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Okay guys here's a weird one for ya! I have a slow leak somewhere in the area of the coolant pump for the inter cooler. The weird part is the reservoir for the radiator is the one that's low... :headscratch: as far as I know these two entities are not connected!? The pump itself is wet and it leaks while it's parked! Any suggestions as to where to start looking?

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I had a similiar thought. Water (or in this case, coolant) can wick and travel along hoses and other smooth surfaces until it comes to an obstruction, or abrupt change in direction, that will cause the fluid to collect and drip.


Try running a paper towel along the underside of your hoses or any smooth surfaces around where the leak is, and see if you can detect any moisture. Then you can backtrack the leak to where it is occuring. As Jason stated, you may find a loose fittng or a cracked fitting that is causing the radiator to spray when the engine heats up and builds pressure in the coolant system.



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