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Looking For A Good Installation Guide For Replacing Struts & Springs


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While I'm waiting for my KR handling package to come in was looking for a installation guide to help with the installation on my 2008.





I think my FRPP FR-3 handling pack came with instructions. If not, they have a video online, probably on the Ford Racing Parts site. If not, check out You-Tube because I know I've seen it a few times (on a yellow Mustang).


It's pretty cut & dried. Unbolt the originals, switch top mounts from OE to new struts, bolt in replacements.


You WILL need a spring compressor or (cheaper) have a shop install the springs onto the struts. I bought a cheap spring compressor from Harbor Frieght when it was on sale, for somewhere under 50 bucks. But I also plan to change my springs out for different events. If you're planning a one-time change, have a shop do it and save yourself some money.





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