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First I want to wish all of you, on the forum, a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Planet Shelby Cobra, your factory-authorized Shelby Cobra Dealership, had two CSX 6000 427 S/C Cobras built on spec. Both are fiberglass rollers and finished with some of the most desirable colors and options….and maybe even a couple of extras. CSX6123 will be here next week and CSX6124 should be available around the end of January.

One car is Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon white lemans stripes & roundels.

One car is LeMans Blue with Wimbledon white lemans stripes & roundels.

Both cars are the same as far as the following options:
Primer coated headers and side pipes
Heater Defroster
Fresh air vents for both driver and passenger
Fuel level gauge
Glove box
Mini-runner kit that includes (Seat belts, shifter, boot, speedo reverser)

The MSRP retail price, for either car, is $93501.59 FOB Atlanta, Georgia

Again, both cars are component rollers - Here at Planet Shelby Cobra we have, in stock, a large variety of original and all alumn 427 motors along with both 4 and 5 speed transmissions & runner kits for sale

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy 2014 To All!

Stephen Becker
(770) 900 5532

Planet Cobra

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