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Body Shop Recommendation For Fiberglass Hood In Houston


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Hey guys,


I have a Shelby CS8/GT-H hood that I picked up a while back and the car fund is finally built up enough to get it installed. Question - anyone have actual experience with a shop in the Houston area that has successfully done a paint and prep on a fiberglass hood for your stang? After reading up on them I've seen that they take a lot more skill to do correctly than metal hoods and there's not much room for error. I want to make sure I bring it to someone that actually knows how to work these hoods. If only I were closer to Vegas, I'd just let the guys at Shelby do it :/



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I'll reach out to DeWayne High - he is a member here on these forums, I bet he can help. I will point him toward this post.




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I wish I can help. I have nothing to offer. I have had at least 3 body shop/paint projects over the last couple of years form multiple projects. I'm really not thrilled with any of them. I'm on the NW side. Bob's Auto Express is not too terribly bad. Currently I have a hood project at Casari's. I don't know how it is going to turn out other that to say they haven't even started it yet and it was suppose to be done a week ago. I'm not even going to mention the third shop I have used because it was so bad. I have yet to have anyone be done on time thus they seem to rush through the project and the quality suffers. I give them plenty of time and we agree when it is going to be complete - it just NEVER happens :banghead: I wish I could be more help and I wish I could find the perfect shop too. It seems they get wrapped up in insurance work that has tight deadlines and so special projects always seem to suffer.

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