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Need Advice On Hood

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Well I would suggest that you start off with taking your old hood and pins off of the car , bolt on your new hood - get it all lined up on your gaps and once your happy with the alignment - bolt the pins back in place and then put a dab of grease on the top of the pin and lower the hood down onto the top of the pins and let the grease transfer over to the bottom side of the hood . then take a 5/32" drill and drill from the bottom side up into the hood - drop down the hood to check for the contact - you should see the top of the pins through the small holes - once verified then put on some painters tape over the area and drill down from the topside with a step drill ( unibit ) to the size of hole that you need . The hole will be slightly larger than the pin diameter due to the fact that the hood comes down at a slight angle . Then take and center up your retainer plate and mark the hole locations onto the tape and drill them out , remove the tape then bolt down the retainer plates / gaskets.

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You are putting it on a SGT I assume?


1. Remove the pins and fit the hood properly.


2. Reinstall the pins.


3. Use grease on the tip of the pin to mark the underside of the hood.


4. drill a small hole thru the bottom layer only and verify it's centered on the pin.


5. open that bottom hole up to a size that the pin will fit thru.


6. repeat grease mark and drill for the top layer.


7. install the hood plates with the hood closed so you can center them on the pins.


I think that'd get it done. That's pretty much how I did my '68. Never seen a gth hood though, so I'm just assuming it's two layers of fiberglass.

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I have access to a water jet, so when I drilled my hood pins I removed the pins and took a 2" long same diameter bolt with an 1/8 hole water jet through the center of the length of it and put that in place of the pin and drilled a pilot hole up though the bolt as a guide. I have a close quarter right angle drill, but it would be WAY easier to do this with the bumper off.

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