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Latest Garage Project....

Carl Bishop

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Hung some "Garage Art" today........ :)

Mustang Hoods;


I fabricated up my own brackets really cheap. Started by cutting 3/4" conduit to length and used a press to crimp each end;


Then fitted each to the first three hoods ('67, '84 & '00);










Then I fabricated some brackets out of flat stock and painted them;




Used a little heater hose for a cushion;



I plan on hanging three more on the other side once I can track down a '65/'66 & '69/'70. I dropped off a '06 at the local high school body shop class for a paint job.

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Nice bracket fabrication!! I used a similar idea when I hung my factory hood up, threw some rope lighting behind it too... Yours would look cool with red, white, and blue back lights...



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Thanks for all the nice comments, I hope the other side doesn't take as long.


OCD, I actually got my inspiration from one of your posts, I just chose to fabricate the parts myself because it was cheaper than buying the gate board z-brackets and the aluminum angle material. I've though about back lighting them too, I'm researching battery powered remote controlled LEDs so I don't have to deal with power cords. But that will be down the road.....

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Nice job! Looks nice!!!



That is soooooo freakin cool! I wish I was that handy!


I'm handy but.....

Wow, nice job. Open wall space in a garage, that's not taken up by shelves and cabinets, what a concept!

this says it all..... I wish I had open garage space..... maybe in my next house.... :hysterical:

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I would love to get my hands on a GT500 hood, however I'm not willing to pay the going rate for a "Picasso"..... :spend:


I have less than $100 invested so far, craigslist is the bomb!


I'm trying to work a deal for this...... It's a '65 hood with a fiberglass Thunderbolt bubble that came off a drag car, it has just the right patina.




It would be cool if I buy this to try and find a set of hood pins with the lanyards, I could fab something up to mount the hood pins on the backside and have the lanyards come out from behind the hood and clip into the pins.

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Finally had the chance this weekend to get a couple of more hoods hung.


One off an '06 V6 the local HS body shop class painted. The second one came off an '65 AFX Drag Car.....




I was able to fab up some hood pins, the lanyards are an old set off my SGT... (added some new Scott Drake hood letters to finish it off)









I found the last one off a '69 Mach I that's in rough shape and is missing the hood scoop. That one most likely wont be ready to hang for several months, it may end up being a project I take on next winter.



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Project update bump.....

I finally got the last one hung this weekend after nearly a year searching for a scoop for the '69 Mach1 hood. I could not believe how good of shape the scoop was in, no cracks, the tips were intact. It also had the grill, turn-signals and engine displacement emblems.

My next project will be redoing the floor, I hate the way the epoxy looks...





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