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2008 Vista Blue - tornado damage F/S


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My friends gt500 was damaged in a tornado. Its has just body damage. The car runs and drives. Is anyone is need of an low mileage engine, xmsn etc.? The car was in the garage at the time and it has body panel, hood and roof/rim damage. The car does drive!

The car has a TVS, Big Air, 72lb injectors and revan racing H/E. Let me know if you an interested!

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I think that there will be many here interested. Once you have details of if it will be parted or sold as full salvage, post up the details and I think that you would get many responses. Certainly sorry for the loss however. I hope your friend is safe and everything is being handled for him. If it was in the garage, I take it the house is gone also.

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I had my friend post the earlier thread. I am the owner of this 7K miles GT500. I lost almost everything in the recent Illinois tornado.....my other cars, house, and most household goods. But I am Thankful to be alive. This has been a rough year with the loss of my father, father in law and now the tornado...how much can one take??? I can't wait until 2013 is OVER!!!


The only expensive item to survive and not be totaled in my 2008 GT500. I purchased it new and have done may upgrades.

It has:


TVS with 2.59

72lb injectors


JLT Big Air

Tune by Justin

JLT oil collector

Speed on sound Pillar

3.73 gear

Cue ball shifter with racing stripes

DSS Carbon fiber driveshaft

UCA and LCA upgrades

Ford racing stainless steel stinger mufflers

Revan racing H/E with fans

I'm sure I am missing some goodies but this is for starters




The interior did get some insulation in it but it looks really good and I just need to vacuum it out. Basically the exterior of the car suffered dents, dings scrapes, etc due to the flying debris. My other cars and the exterior wall protected it to some degree. I have an insurance estimate and am considering just selling the car as is and buying something else.


Call me if you are interested or have any questions. I took some pictures at the autobody shop today so you can see more details.

309 712 4675

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My condolences on the loss of your loved ones this year. I have a family member that has endured the same thing. Try to remain optimistic. Remember the good times and joy they brought you when they were here.


As respects your tornado damaged GT500, get the best settlement you can from your insurance carrier. If their salvage value offer is a steal, with a little effort you can probably be successful at parting it out for an even better deal.


Then if you can, latch on to a 2014 Shelby. 662hp will go a long way towards improving what will surely be a better year for you starting this January!


Good luck and let us know how you do...

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wow all that work to baby it and keep km low, and nature ruins it.... i feel so bad looking at those pictures, i have the exact same car and i cant imagine what i would do it this happened to me. Sorry for your loss. hope your insurance covers everything to the penny.

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