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1989 Shelby Dakota


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I just bought a #171 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota that needs some fascia work like a new grille, air dam, and fog lights. Where can I even obtain any parts for this truck


Grille, Dodge dealer or if no longer available thru the dealer then aftermarket or used.


Air dam, pretty much non-existent. Not available anywhere except used. Expect to pay $300-600 for one.


Fog lights, generic Bosch Pilots. Available new or used.


Congrats on your Shelby Dakota purchase. If you haven't already be sure to register your Shelby with the Shelby American Registry. A link to the factory Registry is below in my signature line.



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just the air dam/ valance is missing. thats the only part I havent found :( i am thinking about doing some performance mods but keeping every part i change I also may take the front bumper and brackets off cause the truck looks so cheesy with no air dam and just a sheet metal pan sticking out. i will not ruin this truck and i will preserve it as much as possible. i have a 1986 chrysler 5th ave i have all customed out that i am pulling off the road and to preserve the wheels that are on the truck now, i am going to put my aluminum ones from the fifth avenue on it and put the wheels from the truck in bags and put them in a safe and weather proofed area (my dads shop) as for the stripes the guy I bought the truck from has them still in a box and i have to go pick them up. i have post a pick of my fifth avenue below so you can see what on the truck. i am sorry if you dont like them and i am sorry if this is considered ruining this truck but i am trying to preserve what i have cause for a 21 year old i am pretty damn lucky to have a part of american history. and yes that fifth avenue is lowered (3inch Plymouth Volare dropped spindles in the front, 4inch lowering blocks in the back) 378339_10151341862778146_857142581_n.jpg

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