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Shelby Apparel

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For those of you who are looking for some unique Ford Racing / Mustang / Shelby GT500 merchandise , I think I might be able to answer your prayers!!!!


I took my elderly mom to the eye doctors on Monday and was taken back by a gentleman who arrived wearing the most unique Mustang jacket that I've seen. After complementing him on the coat ,I asked him where he purchased it. He mentioned that he purchased it at a truck stop in No Carolina. He also said that he could hook me up with a website that sells them, www.shopjh.com


Sure enough I viewed the site and noticed some really neat stuff that I will be ordering for the holidays. Thought that some of you might be interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By the way, the guy is a real Mustang enthusiast who has his car, 2003 4.6lL Mustang , registered on the Yellow Mustang Registry

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JH have been a longtime supplier of ours… it is the same items we carry online and in our Retail Store...





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