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Changing supercharger coolant


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Why are you changing it?



That's a little like asking why he'd change his engine coolant...


They both do the same job at around the same temps and both should be changed as part of your regular maintenance schedule.


The degradation of the coolant isn't the primary reason for changing engine coolant, the electrolysis that is created is. You can test the coolants ability/strength with a simple hydrometer (available at many auto parts stores) and you can check the electrolysis/voltage with a good DVOM. Drop one lead into the coolant and ground the other lead. I can't remember the max voltage allowed (I tossed all of my notes!) but if you see any substantial voltage, change the coolant regardless of what your hydrometer tells you.


Electrolysis will eat metal, starting with the softest (Aluminum) first. You shouldn't see much in a all aluminum system (no 'dissimilar' metals to contend with) so this could be a moot point on a IC system but if there was any tin or lead used on the solder joints, you have two dissimilar metals (and the coolant is the electrolyte).


OP: Pop the lower hose to drain the system then flush with tap water (garden hose). Drain the system *completely* (run the pump to move any left) and refill it with the recommended ratio of AF/H2O using distilled water, or water wetter if that's what you use.





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Just changed mine today with only 6,500 miles in the clock. My thought is the coolant is 7 years old. It needs to be changed IMO. I had a friend at Ford flush the system. No chemicals. Used Ford gold coolant with distilled water.

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I've got the 2X size Rousch reservoir I'm going to put on whenever I can slow down long enough, when I do, I'm going back with Water Wetter and distilled, And Motorcraft Coolant in the radiator.

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