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Carroll Shelby Way - Dearborn, Michigan


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Carroll Shelby Way. Dearborn, Michigan


One of the principal questions that I receive from people visiting Dearborn is, "Where is Carroll Shelby Way?" While Ford and the City of Dearborn have approved of the street name change and the new signs have been in place since August of 2012, some maps, such as Google have yet to catch up to the change.




Carroll Shelby Way is located off of Oakwood Blvd. and runs adjacent to the Dearborn Inn and across from Ford's DDC (Dearborn Development Center). This center includes Ford's Dearborn Proving Ground and Wind Tunnel. DDC was formerly the Ford Airport.





If you're heading west on Oakwood Blvd., Carroll Shelby will be on your left hand side directly across from Ford's Dearborn Development Center and the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village.




While Carroll Shelby Way runs directly into Ford's Engineering Center Campus, it also intersects with Ford's Dearborn Development Center (DDC) - directly in the heart of Ford's engineering complex. If you jumped that red, brick wall - you'd be quickly intercepted by Ford Security and the Dearborn Police (one of the same?), but if you sprinted like an Olympic athlete, before you'd get caught, you would see Ford's Wind Tunnel, Ford's Dearborn Proving Ground (skid pad, high speed track, dynamic handling course and a lot top secret stuff - 007 style.




Looking east on Oakwood Blvd., toward Rotunda Drive.




Looking west on Oakwood Blvd. toward Village Road.

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