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2010 GT500 - Hard to get into 1st gear

GT500 rolls

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Drivetrain warranty expires in early December, car has about 26k miles on it. Clutch does not slip, but from early on in ownership it was sometimes difficult to get into 1st gear.I've ignored it as it usually it happened if I was in traffic. But lately it happens even at cold start up. From neutral into 2nd it can be hard but usually it goes in gear ok. Everything else seems normal.


I have an appointment with a local dealer - (I've never left it at a dealer before, always doing my own oil changes, lowered it myself but have no drivetrain mods) to check it out.


Suggestions and input are welcome.


Hoping it is just air in the line but I did not bleed and refill - something I probably should do 1st but am taking to dealer anyway.


Any TSBs I should review and check, any symptoms on a 2010 seem familiar to anyone?



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I had the same problem just a few weeks ago, so I'm replying in case anyone might see this.


I had real problems getting it into gear, then my McLeod clutch started slipping.


I put it in trusted hands for a new clutch (Another RXT) and to change out the tranny fluid to Royal Purple, upon the breakdown, they found the release assy completely split into two pieces.


Now my car goes into any gear with one finger. It's never been this smooth.

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