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Shifter misalignment after clutch replacement


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Hello Team Shelby Members,


My clutch prematurely started failing at 14,400 miles. The folks at Wynne Ford in Hampton were awesome and covered 100% of the clutch and flywheel replacement under my warranty. The Shelby was in and out of the Ford dealership in 3 days. Great job Wynne Ford...way to generate customer loyalty!


Also, after the clutch replacement the pedal is much smoother and is easier to push in.


Question: Did any of the other folks here that had their clutch replaced find the shifter to be in a more forward position when you got it back? The "rear" position (2nd, 4th, 6th gear) is about where neutral used to be and neutral is where the "forward" position (1st, 3rd, 5th) used to be. The dealership is not sure how to get it back to the original position. They are not being jerks about it, but they just honestly don't understand how it could have moved forward (and I don't know how to fix it either).


Thanks for any assistance in this manner :-)

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The shift handle might be installed wrong... Pics?

The handle was the first thing they examined. It is installed correctly. The dealership was real cool letting me watch them troubleshoot and then also showing me on the computer the tech diagrams that they were referencing.

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They can't be that cool if they couldn't put your car back together properly...


Since it works, we can figure the trans and linkage are probably installed properly... That would lead me to believe the shift handle is installed backwards, or maybe the trans brace is upside down and pushing the back of the trans up...



I still bet it is the shift handle... Can you pull the boot off and take a pic?

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