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SD Blizzard


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In case you have not heard, western South Dakota was hit by a major winter storm 10 days ago. Many are still without power and livestock losses are in the tens of thousands of cattle, sheep and horses lost. The effect on this area will be felt for years to come and put many ranchers out of business. In our area we had 30 inches of wet snow in 24 hours.

All the USDA offices are closed due to the Govt shutdown. CBS called it one of the worst economic disasters in South Dakota's history.

Now flood watches are out with additional rain with the snow runoff. If this isn't an apocalypse it sure looks like one!

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We had some neighbors that went from flooded Lyons to the Black Hills to stay. They said they lost power and had to empty their fridge/freezer. I asked them their itinerary as we don't want to be where the are going next.


For the record we will not be back in our homes until around Thanksgiving.

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