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How to Improve Steering Input Response

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I am wondering how best to reduce the time lag between when I turn the steering wheel to when the nose of the car reacts.


My 2007 SGT is my DD and it just turned 40k miles. It's 99% stock as far as the suspension goes.


The only change from stock is the tires. I put on all-season (since it's a DD) Pirelli P Zero Nero's about 8k miles ago.


Would I need to change to stiffer struts? Change to summer tires? Or would the front suspension need several parts upgraded?


Thanks is advance!

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Mine feels pretty damn responsive, so not sure what to tell ya!

mine cuts in when told and i am running the same tires you are. the suspension should already be beyond a "stock GT". i think you'd have to change out the rack or steering box to change the ratio of steering wheel turn to front wheel turn. i think anyway. not sure that an adjustable thing on our cars. never looked.

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Are you saying that your steering response is not what it once was? I ask because Shelby GT's have quick steering response.


If it as worsened, and alignment may be the first step, unless something has become obviously "looser".

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Here's one that will be instantly sensible and eminently satisfying: move some of the cornering power from the rear to the front.


Quick and easy way is to get Sam Strano's adjustable rear stabilizer bar. The softest setting is a little stronger than your "standard" bar, and if you need more dramatic change, there are two stiffer settings.


I have been very pleased with my Pre-Strano solution, which was the H&R rear bar. At 26mm, it brings the balance from Pretty-much Understeer to Almost-always Pretty-much Neutral, and even - especially - at low speeds, increased the feeling of sensitivity to steering inputs.

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