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07SGT VIN and Front License Bracket questions

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On the VIN number, spaces 12-17 is the "Consecutive Unit Number"


So, knowing Ford produced about 160,000> 2007 Mustangs, can I tell from 296637 where my GT fits in the production run?


Also, will front license bracket Ford Part 7R3Z-17A385-CA fit on the SGT? Thanks

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I can't answer the VIN question for you, but there have been many topic threads on the forum regarding front plate brackets. There are several good alternatives available and reasonably priced that let you avoid having to drill and attach a permanent bracket. You might try an advanced search of the forum using just the SGT and "license plate bracket" and I'm sure you'll find lots of good info, If not, there are many people here who have used the alternative brackets and I'm sure they'll speak up once they see this.



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Thanks for the info.

My intent of the front license bracket question was to have (but not install) what the factory would have provided with the car.

The factory build sheet indicates a front license bracket was ordered and just trying to establish a 2007 'factory' Mustang GT front bracket part number.

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