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Questions from a rookie


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Hello everyone

I am new to the Shelby world although def not new to mustangs but of course I have the Shelby rookie questions.


How can you confirm a real Shelby GT from a knock off?


I have seen some with cracked stripes advertised, is that paint or a wrap/decal? Van it be repaired or just stay away?


I really wanna get into a Shelby GT but again I M new to the Shelby world and I don't want to get taken. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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1. A real Shelby GT will have a dash plaque and an underhood ID plate, but the best way to tell is to get the CSM # and the VIN of the car and run it by the folks at Shelby as the built them and have the records to verify. Contact Steve who goes by - shelbymotorsports on here as he has been real helpful in these matters


2. The stripes are a vinyl decal and they don't last too terribly long (depending on how they're cared for)They are kind of expensive to replace the option is to have them painted on (which is more expensive)

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Call or email me if I can help, we're here for you!




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