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Ordered Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Tires for my 2011 GT500 Vert


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It is going to get cold soon and my Stock Goodyears have 26000 miles on them (they aren't great even in the summer) so I bit the bullet and ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3s 255/40/19s for the front and 285/35/19s for the rear.

My neighbor just got them for his 700rwhp 2007 GT500 and he says they actually hook up pretty well, especially compared to the Good years he had before, he has 18s on his car.

My car is still stock, so I think they will work just fine summer, fall, winter and spring, even after I cave and order a 13 TVS.

My local Ford dealer is getting them for me for $1400 installed including tax, and then I get $70 back from Michelin = $1330.

I'll probably sell the Goodyears on Craigslist for $400.

I'll post up after some seat time.

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I'm sure you'll enjoy the PS A/Ss, but the Conti DWSs are also superb in every way and wear forever.


Best of luck!

The DWS don't come in the correct front size, but they are great tires also.


The Michelins have a 45000 mile treadwear warranty, but since I can't rotate them it is cut in half I believe.

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I drove home 1/2 hour on the New A/S 3s, they feel really good.

Keep in mind, it was 87 degrees and stocky today, so car is making less power and tires/streets are hot and sticky....

I drove a few miles to make sure the tires had a chance to clean off.

I was able to get on it all the way in 1st gear, it got a little wiggly, but very controllable. At about 5000-5500 rpms I grabbed 2nd and it felt good.

The Goodyears I could never go all out in 1st gear without excessive wheelspin or sideways and I would never attempt a 1-2 shift at full throttle at any rpms, it would get hairy.

Initial impressions are good.

They don't feel like an all-season radial.

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