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pulley swapping


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I believe a 2.5" upper is as small as you can go on most stock blowers, unless you get the snout machined down for sufficient clearance.

If someone did make a 2.4" to fit the stock snout, I would be very concerned about how thin they made the pulley to pull that off.

If you have an older 07-09 eaton blower, then at some point spinning it up faster will not gain as much, due to the inefficiency of the blower.

At some point you should be considering moving to something like a TVS, Whipple or Kenne Bell blower.

I personally like the TVS blowers because they do not require any extra height requirements.

You can keep your stock hood as well as your stock or KR strut tower braces, and it even looks pretty close to stock.

Put your foot into it though, and you will know you have something extra under there :)

Combined with other mods, you can get over 900 crank HP with a TVS too, which is pretty decent for a street car.

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You are right. It is a 2.6 pulley. I plan on upgrading the blower to a 3.6LC KB in a years time. But for now im just looking at either the pulley swap or 10% O/D or both. Just weighting my options and trying not to ruin the factory blower and trying to get the most out of the blower and JLT 127mm CAI.

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