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Cruise to Carmel, Lunch at Baja Cantina - Saturday 10/5/2013


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As we transition from Summer to Fall in a few weeks, S.F. Bay Area TS-PCR members will cruise to the Carmel area on Saturday October 5th and catch lunch on the deck at the Baja Cantina: http://www.carmelcantina.com/ 7166 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, CA 93923 - (831) 625-2252


We’ve done this same run for the past couple of years and had a great time: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/77355-cruise-to-carmel-lunch-at-baja-cantina-saturday-9292012/


Here’s Larry Pierotti’s photoshow from last year's cruise: http://www.photoshow.com/watch/nc5yz6yk


Nathan (Baja Cantina's event manager) will carve out a space on their beautiful deck for our group to enjoy a great buffet w/beverage ($20 cash per person). Our 2 meet spots along I-680 and Hwy 101 S/B are listed below. Who's in?

  2. Albino500
  3. Cali_KR +1
  4. BOTIEB8 - B2F
  5. 08jester +1
  6. Fat Boss
  7. Jason Marshall
  8. me32 +1
  9. Torch40
  10. bossy13 +1 - B2F
  11. H0050 +1
  12. Rdub76
  13. redneckgt +1
  14. lfino111
  15. Dan111
  16. itowem +2
  17. MMcGuirk +1
  18. Surfergeek +1
  19. trob_17 +1
  20. Sleeeker +1
  21. ShelbyTom +1
  22. elkhorn6990
  23. badwolf +1 - B2F
  24. Amacareno +1
  25. John O'Toole +1
  26. Forrest Straight +1
  27. Ron & Brenda
  28. Joe w/NC-SVTOA
  29. Mike w/NC-SVTOA
  31. David & Ellen
  32. HAZE +1

Here's a map of our meet location in Concord off I-680 at the Sears SunValley parking lot shown in the lower left corner. Let's plan on arriving about 8:45am and we'll roll at 9:00am. http://maps.google.c...&gl=us&t=h&z=19


If you want to catch the conga line on a roll in San Jose at Hwy's 85 & 101 (shown here: http://maps.google.c...&gl=us&t=h&z=15 ) we'll be passing by at approximately 10:00am.


Here's a map of our 2nd meet location in Gilroy off Hwy 101 at 10th Street and Chestnut behind the McDonald's. Plan on arriving before 10:30am and we'll head out about 10:45am or so. http://maps.google.c...&gl=us&t=k&z=18

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Scott and I are in!




It's great to have you and Scott on board. Should we plan on stopping briefly at I-680 and Bernal about 9:20am or so?





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I plan to attend this event too. Always a good time




Great that you can make it again this year!


Hopefully, Butch Cassidy and the Kid are nowhere to be found this time. :drop:


I assume we'll meet up at Sun Valley?



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I'm going if my 40th brother is in. Sounds fun





The TR and VB 40th twins will make for a great photo op. I penciled you in above and would guess you'll catch us on a roll near the S/B Hwy 101 and 85 interchange.


See you on the 5th!



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Glenda and I plan to attend. I will catch the conga at Reservation Road and Hwy 1. Jim, interested in going through Cannery Row, along coast (Lover Point, Asilomar Beach etc) then back up cutting through Pacific Grove Sunset Drive up to Hwy 1 then into Carmel Valley?

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