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Who knew Ford built these cars......................

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"Ford only made 48 Eleanors available for public to buy and this car is the 41st out of the 48 cars ever made. "


Gee and here I thought these cars were built by Unique Performance.





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I got a laugh out of this! I had a gentleman trying to convince me that his 1968 GT500E was all original from the year it came out in 1968.... I was surprised he hadn't seen the ORIGINAL Gone in 60 Seconds when Eleanor was a 1971 fastback built to replicate a 1973 Mach 1! It was a "bite my tongue" moment for sure.

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A few years ago I had a conversation with a writer from a popular Mustang magazine and he was telling me every time they had a picture of a "Eleanor" on the cover of their magazines, the retail off the shelf sales were 50% higher. I went back and looked and was amazed at how many times they had managed to stick a picture on their cover wither big or small. (LOL)

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